Dream Journal

Dream Journal #1

It’s the week before finals, Senior year. I walk from class to class, taking notes and preparing myself to pass so I can finally leave. As the day wears on, haziness sets in and it becomes harder to remember which class I have next. Is it “A” cycle or “B” cycle? Shouldn’t I have gone to math class today? Do I have a math class? If I didn’t go to any Math classes this year then I won’t pass 12th grade and won’t graduate! By the time the last period of the day comes around, I have no idea what class I’m supposed to be in. Wandering into an Art class, I find my friend Sarah taking the Pottery final. I take a seat next to her and even though the hippie teacher clearly doesn’t think I should be there, he hands me a lump of clay anyway and says, “Make something.” I sculpt a flawless Nintendo Power Glove.

I wake up at 5 AM in a sweat with a deep sense of feeling like I definitely did not graduate high school or take math classes. Wide awake, I text my friend Sarah to let her know I can sculpt an amazing power glove now, and also that I miss her. I go pee for the second time since I went to bed and tried to sleep another two hours till morning. Pregnancy sleep is fun sleep.


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