Just PEEchy

This morning I awoke with gumption in my soul and thought “Ali, despite pregnancy fatigue, today you are gonna get shit done.” 

After an hour of playing Zelda and another hour of the Drew Carey Show while simultaneously writing down my shopping list ( add an extra 30 minutes), I was ready to leave the house to go shopping. Before exiting the house, I peed just in case.

I first stopped at Walmart to get a Kitchen rug and then went to Home Depot for lights and a sandpaper sponge. Passing by the paint aisle, I felt a familiar pressure in my bladder. I was on a roll though with my shopping and felt like I could hold it till I got to the grocery store. 

I grabbed a cart, attached my post it note list to the handle and started gathering groceries. I was focused and determined but The pee pains were becoming increasingly distracting. ‘Focus and you’ll make it.’  I started to walk a bit funny making sure to stifle any coughing or sudden movements that might provoke an embarrassing situation.  Self checkout was a breeze and I quickly pee pee danced my way to the car. 

Pulling into my driveway, I see a hawk flying too close to our chickens. In these situations, it’s best to stop and do a quick head count just in case. Feeling confident and being so close to the house, I got out of the car and checked on the girls. I get close to the fence and a breeze hits my nose. With one minute left to get to my house, I sneezed. And I was so close to making it.


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